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 x-muse: sex chaos inspiration
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Tessa - X-muse.net
    Muse of Tease
    Born in: The Eye of the Storm
    Age: 2,627
    Sign: 'Caution: Dangerous Curves'
Innocent collector of unwary hearts. Eros as a platonic ideal come alive, with an infectious giggle and wicked sense of humor. Kali with a necklace of Barbie heads. As beautiful as Fermat's Last Theorem, and as difficult to solve. Sweet, sassy, flashing, spontaneous, voluptuous, scrumptious, tantalizing, enchanting & brilliant. Tessa stoops to conquer... oops!


Brilliant autodidact who, at the age of 9, translated Gilgamesh from the original and then performed it as play with shadow puppets.

Known for:

Inspiring Plato's Theory of Forms when she flashed him. But she made Aristotle cry.

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